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Carribean Kitchen Party

Long time fan....and I have to say, the highlight of my Punta Cana trip was seeing you guys play at Ocean Blue! It was really thoughtful of you guys to plan your vacation around mine ;) We got a kick out of watching the animation team trying to dance to the maritime

New Year's Eve

Just saw some of the songs on Youtube from a New Year's Concert. Boy, you Canadians are hardy stock. The steam from your breath as you sang...I can't imagine how you can play the guitar and other instruments and sing at the same time in that kind of cold. And I love your sound, by the way.

Great music

Hi, this Juergen ( nick from my mother JUEDDEL ) from Germany. Saw yesterday on a business-meeting for social media etc. your video UNITED BREAKS GUITARS. A good example for publishing his statement worldwide.

But - today i was looking for more on youtube and saw some of your other videos. Nice and great - sounds good in my ears.
Can I buy your CDs in Germany?

we say TSCHUESS in Germany, Jürgen called Jueddel

Hi Juergen You can buy the

Hi Juergen

You can buy the Sons of Maxwell CD's by contacting the boys' mom Sharon at or by visiting the webstore here: On that site, you can also find the United Breaks Guitars Trilogy as well as Dave's solo work.

Good luck.

These two guys are so

These two guys are so creative and hilarious.

Keep it up boyz!

Me from show para fiesta

i need your help

hi there! first of all i love you guys, i love your music and your pasion .you are truly one of a kind.
i am here because i need your help.
i am a mexican living in mexico. i came across your music because i lived in canada for about a year, but now im back.
the thing is that when i first heard your music i fell in love with the song "the 5:07", it touched me in a million different ways
and ever since ive been looking for it but i cant find it anywhere, not even the lyrics.
i need to dedicate that song to a guy i love, but i dont know what to do...
is there anyway you could send me the tune, or even just the lyrics. it would mean the world to me and ide ve forever greatful.

you know, i dont want to loose this guy, and i want to let him know...but im not a woman of words...this songs says everything i need to say.
please just contact me my email is

thank you guys so much, i was blessed by your music

Glad I Found You, Thanks United.

A friend sent me a website of comedy and in searching around in it, I came upon United Breaks Guitars. Which led me to SOM. Which led me to the uTube videos of the new years eve concert 2004. I'm now a Sons Of Maxwell fan and I'm waiting for the CD,The Neighbourhood, my son got for me for Christmas. I just love Don's smile when you guy's sing, it makes one believe you both really enjoy what you do. I know it help me enjoy watching. I pray the sons of maxwell and your family's have a great new year 2011. Sing on guy's Sincerely, Dennis

Peakes Quay, PEI, June, 1998

Yesterday I was listening to a CD I bought in PEI in 1998 and decided to go on-line and search on Sons of Maxwell. WOW! Glad to see you guys are still at it and doing quite well.

I know it was a long time ago but my lady friend and I saw you two nights in a row at Peakes Quay. The second night the place was full and we got there a little late. You guys got us a table and 2 chairs and set us up right in front. We danced the night away.

Thanks for being so gracious and making our last evening in Charlottetown memorable.

Bob from Pennsylvania

Don & Dave are the best!!

Don & Dave are the best!! keep on and i like the way they express all they write.thanks


...great sound, guys! I'm blown away!! Of course, since "United...," I'm sure you've only heard that like a billion times now. Don't know where you were before United broke your guitar, but you're certainly on the radar now. Hope you'll come to San Diego one day soon...but, yeah, better go by car.
Joe Falletta
San Diego, CA

United Breaks Guitars

I just saw the video and was blown away by your music! I love it!!!
Also, the name of the band is cool. I'm a Maxwell. How fun is that!
Sue Maxwell
Rogue River, Oregon

The stars are all in alignment now

Every once in a lifetime the stars line up. Its a gift and its amazing.
Its a perfect atmosphere for great things to happen.
We are all where we should be right here and now.
And tomorrow we will head out on that unknown and predetermined path.
I have just learned of your talents and gifts. I have recently downloaded the Perfect Blue set.
It resonates a peace and happiness. The miles between the start and the finish of a track are the backlight of thought provoking lyrics and happy memories.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
From Colorado, USA

DVD of Videos?

Dave's Supersonic biography mentions a "(2006) S.O.M. DVD (collection of favorite music videos)"... how do we go about ordering that? I didn't find it in the "store" on your web sites.... :)

New Fan in Wisconsin

I came upon your music when a friend at work sent me a link to the "United Breaks Guitars" song. Once I heard that I started watching the videos on YouTube. I especially like the ones from a New Years Eve concert you did (not sure where or when it was but I wish I was there). I just ordered a few CD's and I can't wait until they get here so I can start listening to them. Keep up the great work and the great music!!!
If you're in the US near Wisconsin I'll do my best to come see you live.
I hear both of you guys are firefighters so as a fellow firefighter I'm glad to be your fan!!!

La Crosse, WI

Great Music


Came across your music and love it all and your not too bad yourselves, I must say! .
I want your CD'S, so will be working on that.
Keep up the great work, you sure have talent and will be looking out for you, so come visit us sometime.


One more fan across the ocean ;)

Two days ago I received my first CDs with your songs - big, big THANKS to Sharon for helping me!!
The songs - especially the lyrics - are great, it´s too bad, that you are so far away. When I watch your videos on youtube I think, the audience has a lot of fun during your concerts. Will there be a chance, to see you live in Germany? *smile*
Dave, I´m sorry that you lost your guitar - but the song you guys made about this is really good! (And the video too!)
Go on making such good music!

Best wishes from Bavaria!

Dave Carroll

Someone shared the United You Tube song with me. I loved it. So creative, fun, and funny! Nothing like good justice. Anyway, then to my surprise you are with the Sons of Maxwell. I went to Nova Scotia this summer. Spent a few days in Halifax and lo and behold I already have Oceanside Again as part of my iTunes collection!! So now maybe you are my favorite band. When you are coming to Minnesota for a concert??

New fan.

Dave, I just discovered your United Breaks Guitars video and love everything about it. Catchy tune, good message, great voice and sense of humor. Have visited Nova Scotia and loved it too! How can I go about ordering some of your albums on CD?

Use of United Breaks Guitars

Hi guys,

I am an airline pilot (not for United), amatuer guitarist and amatuer film maker. I love your 2 songs about United. I actually was a United Express "ramp rat" (bag handler) in the late 80s for a short while (and I NEVER broke a musical instrument).

I want to make a small 10-15 minute documentary for either a blog site or Youtube upload and I would like to use one or both of you United breaks guitars songs / clips /screen captures as background/theme music and to reinforce some points.

This is a totally for free / non-profit venture. As an airline pilot and airline history buff I just want to help educate the world on what happened to the airlines in the U.S.A..

You can checkout a tiny sample of what I have in mind on my facebook page. If you say no, I will immediatley take it down and go about things in a different way.

What do you say? Can I?

Warmest regards,
Captain Max Kohnke
New Sons of Maxwell fan and Not United Airlines

PS: Really love "Oceanside Again". GO NOVA SCOTIA!


You guys are great!

I have been trying to log on your guestbook/website from home for some time, but somehow screwed it up. Your awesome mom helped me order some CD's, and they are even better than I thought they'd be (I have decided that I want to be a pirate after listiening to your Sailor CD).

I finally just registered on your site from work, and now can let you know how much we are enjoying your music. I bet it's cold there---would you like to do a concert in Arizona? :) Bring your mom!

Dana Owens
Prescott Valley, Arizona


At a tough time in my life and your 'United Breaks Guitars' music video makes me smile. Thanks

Great music

im a virutal pilot and a CEO for a virtual airlines,everytime i fly an aircraft i sadly have to go on youtube and listen to your music. i want to get it on CD lol,very great voices you guys are one of my fav bands of all time

~Mark Stoorza~
Kodiak USCG Base Alaska


You guys have a new fan here! Saw Dave on The View. Have had the United Breaks Guitars song stuck in my head since then....and I love it. Beyond that, you guys are super talented. Can't wait to hear more!

Your Music

I just found your music because of your appearance on The View. I love it. I'm in my 60s and it reminds me of much of the folk music I loved in my youth. I hope someone gives you two a contract for a CD.

United Videos

Hi Dave,
Just saw your video and was blown away by it. As a fellow musician (and guitar owner) and leader of my own band for 38 years, I was very impressed with what you have accomplished here. The music was great, the message was clear, the video was clever, and boy, did you ever get your point across! All this and you accomplished everything with a sense of humor and a lot of class. You did our entire music community proud Dave and hopefully the airline industry sat up and took notice. You picked up a new fan and as for United.....well, I won't be flying with them anytime soon! Thanks for the great music!
Tom Rooney
Rocky Point, NY

Love Your Music ...

... listening to it for 5 years now :o)
I hope to see you at the ECMAs Dave!
Any dates around the ECMAs in Nova Scotia?
Best wishes from Germany ... good luck with UBG3 :o)
Take care
Judy x

Two new fans to add to your list.

Got the e-mail of "United Breaks Guitars" and then browsed through your other works and we BOTH are now hooked. Good job to the both of you. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to you booking something close to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Todd and Kathy

Dave's music

Have only recently discovered you and your sound. Really refreshing. Keep it up.

Great music!

I stumbled across your United song tonight and liked it so much that I sent it to all my music loving friends. You guys should come to Austin, music capital as well as state capital of Texas. You'd be a big hit there. You're off to a great start. I look forward to following your musical career. Thanks for the music!
Norm Penick
Baytown, Texas

Guys, you are simply the

Guys, you are simply the best! Fantastic music! Brilliant voices!


I'd love to see you guys but I don't plan to be in Canada any time soon. Please schedule some stateside events. There are very few bands I'd drive a long way for but if you get within a few hundred miles I'd do it. The kind of music you play is the kind I would have had I learned to play better. I haven't heard a song yet that I don't like. Keep it up and I'll keep listening.
Terry L. Kiser, Tifton GA

Love your music

Reminds me of the "Kingston Trio" of the 60's. Brought back a lot of memories. Love your style and sound, not much "good' music out there anymore, so we appreciate you even more. Would love to hear you in person someday. Come to Missouri sometime.

Great music

Thank you for the fast & easy delivery from your store, and for your music! Did you know that your (used) CDs are sold in Germany via for up to 167.99 Euros?

Will you come to Germany for a concert next year?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


When will you guys be coming

When will you guys be coming back to Fredericton? We would love to see your Christmas concert.
Your #1 Fan

Great albums

Just purchased another 2 albums from the website. Great songs from all the Sons of Maxwell, both my wife and I really like the songs. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you in Toronto sometime.

Best of the season
Harold and Pat

United Breaks Guitars

I just received a e-mail with a link to your United Breaks Guitars song. I love the song! It's excellent. So I had to buy the sing from your site.

One thing that I like about the song is that we all can related to this type of experience of trying to find someone who will take responsibility in a corporate monolith or a bureaucracy.

But as they say, always look for the silver lining in the clouds, I hope this "experience" leads to great things for you and your group.

The videos for songs 1 and 2 are great also!

Bloomington MN USA

Keep it up!

United breaks guitars is one great song (and video).
Just had to buy it right away from your store!
Keep on making great music.

Alex from Singapore.

a concert in Michigan??

after hearing your music ,we would love to see if we can hire Sons of Maxwell for a benefit concert.Please contact us asap to see if this can be worked out, cant wait .we left voice mail on your phone listed on this website
denise and doug

What a great concert!

Dear Don and Dave,

Congratulations on another great Christmas concert. It's really great of you guys to come all this way in order to entertain your hometown fans. Once again, you didn't disappoint. Don, it was great getting to chat with you again. It's been a long time. Hopefully it won't be so long next time. My daughter Cassandra was just floating on air after your concert. She is so proud of her autographs and of course her pictures. Dave you made her night by giving her a high five for having "United Breaks Guitars" on her "Favourites" and Don your hug is something she still talks about. You guys have really impressed a young 7 year old at her first official concert. WOW!!!

As for myself and my husband Joe, we wish you both all the best. Best of luck with the new video Dave and Don best of luck in your solo career as well as your firefighting. I am quite proud to know you Don. Wow, I know a celebrity!!!! Ha!! Ha!!

Anyway, take care guys and please feel free to look us up next time that you are in Timmins. Joe, Cassandra, Rebecca (3 years old) and I would love to see you and get caught up.

Take care and all the best,

Jacqueline Lecoupe-DiBella


Just discovered you a few days ago..I heard about UNITED BREAKS GUITARS via Neal Boortz one evening. As a retired
airline employee I was immediately interested so found you guys and loved the creativity and 'good natured' all have a great sound and I have forwarded the You Tube to all in my address book! I've always loved Gordon Lightfoot, too...way back in the day!
Asheville, NC has a cool place for musicians...The Orange Peel...I'm sure they would love to have you sing there!! You might want to check them out!!
Anyway, good luck to you all and I'm buying Perfect Blue today!!


Congratulations for such a

Congratulations for such a funny and creative duo!

I envy your creative power a little bit :)

Thanks for all the stuff.

Carla from pinamar aparts

Hate to say it but in a way

Hate to say it but in a way I'm grateful that United broke your guitar (not really!!) but now I've heard your music thanks to that and love it! Coming to Israel anytime soon?

United Breaks

I hate that you had to lose your Taylor's good quality in order for me to discover your exceptional talent! It appears all's well that ends well! I am a new fan, and I also love my Taylor! Please, please, please perform in or near Kentucky sometime in the near future! Namaste, and much deserved success!

Timmins Concert

I am embarassed to reveal that I have lived in Timmins for the last 22 years and have never seen your show. Last night my wife and I were lucky enough to purchase tickets to your show. We both expressed the same exact feelings. "This was the best show we have EVER seen". It went from greatly entertaining and lively to bringing a tear with the "911" song. We left the show with a great feeling. Kudoos to your "Band" as they ALL were great. Thanks for keeping Timmins in your heart. We will never miss another show................Rick & Louise Sauve, Timmins, ON................ PS Hope you visit to Casey's was a pleasant one. I was his supplier of malt beverages for 18 years, now retired.

very happy of your performance

Hi Don & Dave

Tonight was my first time at your show in Timmins. My dear friend Sylvia from Casey's invited us to be part of the audience for your X-mas show.

We enjoyed it so much that we are waiting for the tickets for next year.

I enjoyed the show from the start to the end , and If someone never seen one of your show, I would said to them GO.. get the ticket and GO,,,, you will enjoy your night or I ''ll refund you ,,, no problem...

Congrat for the new baby and the video... I just love them.

See you next year....


Timmins Concert

Great concert on the 12th of December! We really enjoyed it. We hope you will come back next year.

Carol, Mike and Patricia

timmins concert

Just got home from another great Xmas concert at Timmins High. Thanks again for coming back to Timmins every year. Xmas season wouldn't be the same without "Sons of Maxwell' concert. Hope both of you and your families have a great Xmas and lots of good wishes for 2010. Isabel Dagg

Want to buy some music or video!!!

Hi - greetings from Calgary! I love your sound and I look forward to seeing you in concert when you make it out this way. Congrats on the success of "United Breaks Guitars" and your resulting discovery by the masses.

My mother was born and raised in Middleton, NS, and that is where my sister and I were born. Growing up, my parents would always sing "Tell my ma", and I would love to have a CD with that song, and/or a copy of the video to give them with some more of your music for Christmas. Please contact me if you can help!

Have a great Christmas,


Hi Nancy Can you send us an

Hi Nancy

Can you send us an email at so we can get in touch with you?


liked the video

Got an e mail about your video, checked it out. Love the music... Sorry about the guitar, do you guys ever play in the mid atlantic?

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